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How Does It Work?

1. Pick your business category

Right now you can pick from these categories:

* Food/Restaurant

* Drinks/Bars

* Real estate

* Personal brand

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2. Get the post templates

You will get:

* 30 engaging and captivating post templates created specifically for your industry

* professionally designed graphics (story templates, quotes...) created for your industry every 20th of the month.

* access to thousands of beautiful (royalty free) images and photo suggestions.


3. Customize and post 🙂

Leave them as they are or customize them. You'll be able to create your monthly plan in an hour or two.

Your monthly subscription of $27.00 includes

everything you need to create your monthly plan: 

  • 30 captions
  • 30 photo suggestions
  • thousands of royalty free photos
  • 15 professionally designed graphics, quotes, and Instagram story templates

+ peace of mind 🙂

Which business are you in?

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Personal brand



"Love everything about this! Not only did my engagement go up, but I'm also saving hours and hours every month. "

James Davis

"Before i found this tool I was always running out of post ideas for posting on my businesses profiles. I would sit at the computer for hours trying to come up with interesting posts. Thanks to Social Sidekick my whole monthly plan is done in an hour and my engagement is better than ever!

Stephanie Rawson

"THIS IS SO HELPFUL! Since everything is prepared for me i'm able to be way more consistent with posting and it shows in my business!

Tyler Shaw


I’m Sam,

your new social media manager. Over the years I’ve created thousands of posts for the biggest brands in the world and small family businesses. I know what works.

So let ME do this for you. I created a tool which will save you tons of stressful hours and give you amazing results - which means more $ale$ 🙂 It’s a win-win!

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