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Receive 30 social media post templates, Reels scripts and ideas (and more!) for your business, monthly.

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How it works

1. Choose a caption

Choose one of the 30 templates you will receive each month and customize it or leave it as is.

2. Choose a photo/graphic or a reel script

Choose and download a photo or read a photo suggestion and take the photo yourself. You can also film a Reel with the help of our trending Reels scripts.

3. Post

Post it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and enjoy the shower of likes 🙂

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You can cancel at any time.

You'll save hours of your time
and hundreds of dollars

Consider the following scenarios:

You can cancel at any time.

Choose Social Sidekick and you will:

  • Never run out of ideas for social media posts again
  • Save tens of hours a month
  • Save hundreds of dollars you would spend on a social media manager
  • Your monthly subscription of $37 includes:


    • Made especially for _, captivating caption templates are designed to increase engagement and build trust with your audience (refreshed on the 25th of every month).


    • You'll receive 5 reels scripts with filming instructions and audio for your niche each moth.


    • Access thousands of clear, professional photos to enhance your brand and make your profile stand out. You can use them without attributing.


    • The graphics are related to your niche and include quotes, Instagram story templates and other graphics. All of them are in neutral colors.

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    Courtney McGrath, Wellness Coach

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    Annie Watts, Restaurant Owner

    "My profile finally looks like I know what I’m doing and I’m getting more and more clients because of it."

    Mellisa Ellis, Virtual Assistant

    "Love everything about this! Not only did my engagement go up, but I'm also saving hours and hours every month. "

    James Davis

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