Hashtag sizes cheatsheet 

Hashtags are so very powerful that using the RIGHT ones can make a HUGE difference in the amount of engagement your posts receive.

You’ve probably figured out that the more engagement your post gets, the more it gets distributed on IG, right? 👍🏻💬 It’s  how the ALGHORITHM works. 🤓

The goal is to get to ‘top posts’ on your hashtags, so more and more people can see them, right? But how? 🤔

This is when # come into play. If you want maximum exposure for your posts, you HAVE TO get on top of your #️⃣game. 😊 💪🏼 You have to choose a mix of:

✔️SMALL (less popular) +
✔️BIG hashtags (more popular). 💡

This way you can get to ‘top posts’ on small #, hopefully get engagement from there and get to ‘top posts’ on bigger # off that and so on. Get it? 🔄⁣✨⁣


You can see how big the hashtag is (how many posts it has) by 

typing it in on Instagram, or just doing some research before posting. 

If the hashtag is too big, your post will only be seen for a split second, which is a waste.

If the hashtag is too small, there are generally not enough people interested in it. 

The size of the hashtags you use should also depend on the size of your following. The general rule is: the smaller the account, the smaller hashtags you should be using. Here is my general guideline: 

- 10 hashtags under 20k followers
- 10 hashtags 20k - 50k followers
- 5 hashtags 50k - 100 k followers
- 5 hashtags 100k

5 other # rules you should keep in mind while adding hashtags to your posts:


- Use hashtags that are descriptive of the content you share 

- Don't just use the same hashtags every time

- Use all 30 hashtags

- Don't copy the hashtags from you competitors

- Don’t use irrelevant hashtags