Free stock photo and video websites

Hey guys! 👋

Having a list of good stock photo and video websites is ‘a must’ for any digital entrepreneur or influencer, right?
I know, I use stock photography ALL. THE. TIME. and couldn’t imagine running a business without it.

You can use stock photos and videos to:

* spice up your blog articles
* step up your website design
* create social media posts
* create photo or video ads
* create virtual flyers, banners
* create promotional videos
* and so much more...

But you should be careful not to infringe on anyone's copyright, because you risk serious consequences if you do, like paying a fine or even getting your website shut down.

The best way to avoid this is to use a free stock photo and video sites. They collect images and videos from videographers and photographers who have given permission for anyone to use them for personal and commercial projects and require no attribution.

I put together this collection of my favorite free stock photo and video resources and websites with high-quality images and videos that you can use.  🤗❤️

Instagram to FREE Stock image photo websites:

1. Unsplash
2. Pexels
3. Pixabay
4. Styledstock
5. Negative Space
6. Barnimages
7. Burst
8. Cupcake

FREE Stock image video websites:

1. Videvo
2. Pexels
3. Pixabay
4. Videezy
5. Cutestockfootage
6. Life of vids
7. Vidsplay
8. Splitshare

Whenever you need a photo or a video to use in your blog posts, websites or social media, visit any of these sites and type in the search keyword. You’ll get hundreds (if not thousands) of results you’ll be able to choose from. You can even edit, crop and modify them in any way you wan and use for commercial or non-commercial use.

Hope this helps! 🤗❤️