Call-to-action examples to encourage engagement on your social media posts

Hey guys! 🤗✨

Did you know that a call-to-action at the end of your text is one of the most important components of your caption? 🙌🏻📃

Check out these 4 proven tactics to engage your followers and get more comments! 💬🙌🏻

1.) Ask a question


What do you think about ____________?
What is your favorite ___________?
What would you do if_____________?

2.) Encourage comments


Drop a  in the comments if ____________.
Let me know your plans for _______________.
Comment your favourite ________________.

3.) Ask them to tag someone


Tag a ______________ who needs to see this.
Tag a ______________ that inspires you.
Tag someone who would look amazing in ______.

4.) Ask for recommentation


Which ______________ would you recommed?
Do you know of any good _____________ ?
Help! I'm looking for a new ________. Any reccomendations?