5 step strategy for steady Instagram growth 

As you probably know by now, growing an Instagram profile is usually a slow and steady process that takes A LOT of patience and time. Most businesses don’t have a strategy for growth, so I decided to create a basic 5 step strategy for systematically growing your following. 📈🤗✨

Step 1: Create amazing content

Create valuable content that either helps your target audience solve a problem, educates, inspires or entertains and post consistently.
Content is the keystone of any content marketing strategy, but make sure your target audience finds it useful.

Step 2. Engage with people

If you want to get engagement, you need to give it first. By engaging with others you show your support and encourage the person to check out your feed and hopefully engage back. So take time each day to reach out to other people in your niche through commenting, liking, following and direct messaging.

Step 3. Build relationships

Slowly start building 1:1 relationships with your followers and other accounts in your niche by DM-ing them, commenting and liking on most of their posts.


Step 4. Repeat

Repeating steps one, two and three every day will make more and more people notice your profile which will slowly start increasing your following.

Step 5. Be patient

And the most important tip - be patient 🙂 After doing these 5 steps you will start getting traction soon, but it may take a while to gain a large following. The most important thing is to not compare yourself with anyone and remember: it's a process. 🙂

Along with these 5 steps, I would also recommend doing some additional growth building activities like collaborating, giveaways and sharing your Instagram profile on other social media platforms, website your email footers. 😊✨