25 ways to use Instagram engagement stickers

There are a lot of fun stickers that take Instagram stories to another level: 

Countdown sticker gives you the ability to create a countdown towards a particular date/time and share it with your followers;
Poll sticker makes it easy to create a poll for your followers.
Question sticker enables you to ask questions;
Quiz sticker makes it easy to create an engaging quiz for your followers;
A slider sticker allows your followers to answer questions using a sliding scale .

How do you add it? You can add a sticker to your story by tapping the sticker button after uploading a photo or video to Instagram Stories and clicking the sticker you like.



Things you can ask your followers:

- what kind of content they would like to see on your profile

- what you can help them with

- if they have any questions about your service/product.


- Ask a question and add a few answers next to the slider

- Ask them how much you like your product/service

- Use it to do market research

- Aks them how excited they are to see your next product/service


-  Create a fun quiz about you

- Create a quiz about your product/service

- Create a quiz about your team

- Create a quiz about your industry

Hope you like the ideas! 🙂 


- Ask 'this or that' questions

- Ask 'Yes or no' questions

- Ask what your next post should be and add 2 options

- Use a poll sticker to learn more about your audience

- Ask your followers to help you make a decision


- Share the links to your website/blog

- Share exclusive deals

- Start a debate on a topic in your industry

- Reach out to influencers


-  The launch of a new product

- Instagram/facebook live

- Your new blogpost/YT video

- A sale

Hope you like the ideas! 🙂