10 Ways to share value on social media 

The days of just selling on social media are long gone. If you’re not giving your followers some sort of value you’ll struggle with creating an engaging community. 

Here are 10 ways on you you can create and share value on social media: 

1.) Talk about your story and what you did to achieve your goals

Talk about your journey, all of the obstacles you faced and how you overcame them. Stories about your life

will help you bond with your readers and entertain them.

2.) Share DO's & DON'Ts

One way to share value is to create a list of Do’s and dont’s connected to your industry, which will educate your followers

on that topic. Elaborate each DO and DON’T to create even more value. 

3.) Talk about your biggest mistakes

Don’t just talk about your wins, share your mistakes too and let your followers learn through them.

4.) Share your best tips

There are millions of tips online on every subject possible, so make sure you give your followers extra value by listing only

your all-time favorite tips on a certain subject.

5.) Share a freebie

Everyone loves freebies, but there are countless freebies available online. Before you start creating one, ask yourself: what

would REALLY help me (if I was my potential customer?). Is it a checklist, a step-by-step guide, a template? Se what’s out

there and make sure you make it better, bigger and more valuable.

6.) Create a mini-course

Free courses are really popular, so posting a mini-course should get you a good response on social media. The downside is,

that it can take a long time to create It, but you can always repost and repurpose it later. It can be in video/audio or written

form and make sure you’re not stingy with your best advice.

7.) Post about a roadmap to success

Give your followers a blueprint on how you got to where you are. Not only will they learn a lot, but they will also get to

know you and bond with you. 

8.) Share your favorite tools, apps, websites or podcasts

Sharing a list of your favorite tools is always a great way to add value. Extra bonus if the tools are free.

9.) Create a checklist

Checklists are a great tool for organization and ensuring you don't skip a step in your process! Make sure it’s actually useful

and will help your followers in some way.

10.) Share key points from your blog post

Share highlights & key points using subheadings and bullet points. You can also ask them to check out your whole blog

post if they find the topic interesting.