5 steps for creating a perfect weekly social media calendar + a free template

Having a social media content calendar on which you schedule an plan all your social media posts in advance, will make your job less stressful and way more productive.  There are many benefits of creating a social media calendar in advance: 🤗❤️⁣

* Saving time (you will save hours every month if you batch your content)

* Staying consistent (you will never miss a day)

* Keeping track of important dates (you won’t miss any important holidays)

* Maintaining balance between the different types of posts (you will avoid posting the same type of posts).

⁣ ⁣

Check out this quick guide on how To Create Your Own Social Media Content Calendar in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Decide how often you want to post

Think about how many times you want to post each week. I would suggest posting every day, but a few times a week works as well, as long as you stay consistent.

2. create a List of Topics

On a blank piece of paper write down all of the topics you could be talking about. For example: Quotes, tips. behind-the-scenes... If you want to post daily, narrow down to 7 topics.

3. Link Topics to Days

Every day should have a topic attached to it.
For example: Motivation Monday, Tip Tuesday, Behind The Scenes Wednesday. It will not only make it easier on you to have the topics planned in advance, but it will also keep your posts balanced. 

4. Download a template and fill out your calendar.

There are millions of different social media calendar templates, so it will be easy to find one you love. You can also download my monthly calendar click here >> FREE

Download it  and fill out your entire calendar with chosen topics. This way you already know the topic for each day well in advance which makes it way easier to create a post. Than brainstorm and look for some inspiration online and scribble down the exact topic for each day.

5. Watch your analytics

Track your analytics and see which posts are getting the most engagement. Try to double down on the content that gets the best response and eliminate the posts that are not recieved as well.

My business really changed when I started creating social media calendars. Since I started, I never miss a day, which really increased my following and engagement. Hope you like this tips and let me know if you have any questions.